PROMINENCE is a platform which allows users to exploit idle cloud resources for running containerized workloads.

Flexible submission
Submit jobs using a simple batch system style command line interface from your laptop. And your desktop. Or from anywhere else. Alternatively, interact programmatically using a RESTful API.

Reliability and reproduceability
All jobs are run in containers to ensure they will can run reliably anywhere and are reproducible.

MPI ready
Run multi-node Open MPI, Intel MPI or MPICH jobs in addition to single-node HTC jobs.

Construct complex workflows by specifying the dependencies between different jobs.

Multi-cloud native
Go beyond a single cloud and leverage the resources and features available across many clouds.

Invisible infrastructure
All infrastructure provisioning is handled completely automatically and is totally transparent to the user.

Data access
Data can be staged-in and staged-out from S3 object storage. Alternatively, jobs can access data from external storage like B2DROP or OneData via a POSIX-like filesystem.